Ashby De La Zouch Fake Festival

  • Sat 08 Jun 2024
  • 11.45AM-11.00PM
    Inside our giant marquee
    Bath Grounds, Ashby De La Zouch LE65 2GP

Ashby - “WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU!” 🎸🤪 Wowsers guys, last summer’s sell-out Fake-Fest in Bath Grounds was just beyond words – sheer awesomeness all day long, it put smiles on our faces for weeks! 😍 In fact, the bands loved it so much that our Fake Freddie begged to come back! 😆 He’s promised that we’ll “rock this one like we’ve never rocked before!” 🤘 We knew you’d be up for that, and we know you’ll be on your party-rocking A-game – as you always are! 😎 There’ll be some super-sweet sets of anthems, so let’s let rip and give it all we have. Buy tickets early, this one will be hot!


This Fake Festival has now expired. Until next time, keep rocking!

About this event

Ashby De La Zouch Fake Festival is a tribute-based music event and one of our 2024 tour dates.

We're bringing 6 of our ‘fake bands’ to Ashby De La Zouch – professional ‘touring-grade’ tribute bands that put on a superb performance. They look, sound and move like the real rock-stars – you have to see them to believe it!

We work hard to ensure our festivals are safe, secure, accessible and friendly - with an environment that caters for all ages. Our giant marquee ensures a warm, lively, inside atmosphere, so you can really enjoy the music.

So round up your group or family members and make it a fun packed music day out - come and support live music and party with us late into the evening!

Further information on our About Us page and answers to many questions on the Help & Contact page.

Licensed Bar

Fast serve bar - we run our own licensed bar inside the marquee, well-stocked with lager, cider, bitter, spirits, wines and soft drinks. The bar is large and fast-serving, we really take care of your drinks as we know how important they are to the experience.

Drink tokens - tokens are available from the token desk to the side of the bar. Exchange tokens at the bar for 1 bar (alcoholic) drink or 2 soft drinks.

Outside Area

Food Traders - traders provide a range of food such as pizza, burgers and jacket potatoes. Please note, all our food traders have now been allocated for this event, we are now full.

Entertainment - this event is primarily about the music but, if the weather allows it, you'll find a variety of stalls, children's rides/inflatables and face painting etc.


PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCES - our top 'touring-grade' fake bands bring the festival to life. These bands have to be seen to be believed.

9.45 PM


7.45 PM

Ultimate Green Day

Ultimate Green Day
6.00 PM

Really Hot Chili Peppers

Really Hot Chili Peppers
4.15 PM


2.30 PM

The Jam'd

The Jam'd
12.45 PM

Kings Of Lyon

Kings Of Lyon