Terms & Conditions

Please do not bring your own food or drink to the Festival (bags will be checked).

Please see the frequently asked questions and answers on our Help & Contact page.

When you purchase a ticket to a Fake Festival you agree to the following:


  • Tickets cannot be exchanged between different Fake Festivals.
  • Tickets may only be resold through our ticketing resale partner, Tixel (www.tixel.com). Ticket should not be resold or attempted to be resold outside of Tixel and doing so is grounds for ticket cancellation without refund or compensation.
  • Bookings may be cancelled and refunded within 14 days of purchase if the request is made more than 14 days prior to the festival date. Payment will not be refunded in any other circumstances.
  • Valid tickets or ticket codes are only accepted at entry.
  • If we suspect a ticket/ticket code may not belong to you we may ask you to prove your identity or quote details from the original booking.
  • Tickets are exchanged for access wristbands on first entry into the festival. Each member of the audience must be wearing a valid wristband at all times during the event. We cannot be held liable for any tickets/wristbands which are lost or stolen.
  • It is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to ensure booking details and tickets are correct as mistakes cannot always be rectified.
  • In the event of the festival advertised on the ticket having to be abandoned during the event (for any reason) the festival will deemed to have been held and no refunds will be possible.
  • Fake Festivals accepts no responsibility for any personal property lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Once a booking has been made the ticket quantities cannot be changed. We cannot part cancel/refund bookings and a new ticket purchase would be necessary if more tickets are required.
  • All audience members consent to audio/visual recording of the festival for publicity purposes.
  • If the event is cancelled prior to the event starting Fake Festivals will automatically refund tickets booked from the website (online bookings) back to the payment card used in the original transaction. If a ticket was purchased at a ticket outlet (not from the website) it is the responsibility of the ticket holder to organise their own ticket refund by contacting us through the website, as refunds will not be available at the ticket outlet used to purchase them.


  • To refuse entry to or remove any persons from the festival.
  • For security to search and “pat-down” a person and their belongings on entry to the festival, including searching of bags.
  • Make changes to the schedule due to unforeseen/unavoidable circumstances.
  • Cancel the festival for reasons beyond our control without notice and without liability to pay any person compensation or damage whatsoever.
  • Abandon the festival during the festival times due to unforeseen circumstances without liability to pay any person compensation or ticket refunds.


  • ID will be asked for if you look 25 or under at the door or bar. If you can't prove you are over 18 (when asked) you will be issued with a young person's wristband and refused alcohol sales.
  • Fake Festivals cannot be responsible for the language, including swear words, used by band members during their performances.
  • Fake Festivals operate a zero tolerance policy to drugs and dangerous behaviour.
  • Strobe and flashing lights may be used during the performances.
  • Smoking or vaping is only permitted outside of the marquee.
  • No purchasing of alcohol for consumption by minors or distribution to minors.
  • Other than one sealed 500ml bottle of water, no alcohol, soft drinks or food may be brought into the festival (bags will be checked). Certain exemptions apply and are outlined on the help page.
  • Dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • The licensed bar is operated by a drink token system. Tokens are non-refundable so please purchase only what you intend to consume.
  • Some tables and chairs are provided outside and you are welcome to bring your own (chairs and rugs). However, for safety reasons, chairs are not allowed inside the marquee at any time.
  • Loud music can damage ears. Please don't stand directly in front of the speakers.
  • Food and Entertainment stands are situated in a secured fenced area outside the marquee and are operated independently to Fake Festivals. The food traders cannot guarantee to cater for all special dietary requirements, lifestyle choices (vegan etc) or those with allergies or food intolerances. You are able to leave the festival and cater for you needs outside of the festival.
  • No pets of any type are allowed into the festival.