Tamworth Fake Festival

TICKET REFUNDS: We will automatically refund all bookings for this event by 22 May 2022. You do not need to contact us about your refund, we will work through them as quickly as possible and send you an email once completed. We cannot transfer booking tickets between events.

Cancellation Statement - 04 May 2022

It is with regret that we have made the decision to cancel Tamworth Fake Festival for 2022.

Unfortunately, early ticket sales have not been sufficient, despite our best efforts, experience and investment. It could be that ticket sales are being left to “last minute”, but we’d rather not risk a late cancellation if they are not.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause those who were planning to join us. By making the call now, everybody (ticket holders, traders, staff and bands) can make alternative plans with their time. It is disappointing, but without a good sized crowd of rockers, we wouldn’t have the usual vibe, atmosphere and buzz that you’d expect from a Fake Festival.

Thank you to everybody who supported us and bought tickets. We will be automatically refunding all bookings and expect to have them all completed by 22th May 2022. You do not need to contact us about your refund and we are not able to transfer booking tickets between events.

Please check our events page for events that will be going ahead in 2022 and we will hopefully see you again soon!

Fake Festivals ❤️