Ticket Resale Information

The following guide is intended for those wishing to re-sell Fake Festival tickets they have purchased from ourselves, or are considering buying Fake Festival tickets from somebody other than ourselves.

The increased popularity of Fake Festivals has meant that many of our events are becoming “sold out” in advance of the event date. We have noticed an increased amount of third party ticket resale and are receiving complaints about ticket tout activity. We are also witnessing people being scammed by buying tickets that do not exist.

In order to stop touts and scam actively, we will no longer approve advertisements for third party resale of tickets on our social media, or elsewhere within our control.

Reselling your tickets

During the booking process, on the Fake Festivals website, the purchaser has to agree to the terms and conditions of sale. A sale cannot take place unless these terms are agreed.

The terms state that “Tickets should not be resold or attempted to be resold and doing so is grounds for ticket cancellation without refund or compensation.”

Fake Festivals would like to remind you that although it is fine to give your tickets to somebody else to use, we will not guarantee the acceptance of any tickets, or honour the booking agreement, if money has been exchanged for them after they have been purchased from Fake Festivals.

Buying tickets from a third party

Fake Festivals does not support the resale of tickets and does not provide any guarantee or protection to anybody who has bought tickets from a third party, or sent money to somebody expecting to receive them.

We would like to remind you that there is no way you can be sure that the tickets you purchase from a third party are genuine, or have not been duplicated and resold many times.

Never send money to somebody in the expectation that they will send you genuine tickets in return. There is no way you can be sure that those tickets will be delivered to you, or if they will be accepted at the event.

If you do buy tickets from a third party and find that you have been scammed, or that the tickets are not accepted at the event, we cannot support you in any way.

Reseller or refund lists

At this time, Fake Festivals are not operating a reseller list, or re-releasing tickets that have been refund under our cancellation policy.

This may be something that we will consider in the future. However, very few tickets are cancelled anyway.